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Brogent launched a brand new theme plug-in “Wonderland” for 9s-Weather.

July 21, 2010
Weather forecast applications are the Apps that users highly rely on. Accordingly, Brogent is devoted to further enhancing the value of its weather application, 9s-Weather, and making it a superb weather App all the time.

Wonderland, a brand new theme plug-in for 9s-Weather, is better improved in the animation quality and makes users feel like going to a stunning “secret garden”. It brings users marvelous unexpected surprises. With 9s-Weather and the “Wonderland” theme plug-in, users can refresh themselves via being immersed in the nature and delight their daily weather.  Please download “9s-Weather” and “9s-Weather Theme+(Wonderland)” for a refreshment and enjoy them.


Furthermore, Wonderland series live wallpaper is available now as well. Users may go searching “9s-LiveWonderland WallPaper” at Android Market、Far EastTone S Market、or Chunghwa Telecom Hami Apps for downloading.

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