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Brogent's 3D UI and Multimedia Solutions attracted much attention.

October 21, 2010

As a leading software vendor in Taiwan, Brogent continuously supplies not only state-of-the-art embedded, multimedia, and 3D mobile solutions but also custom software solutions to the Mobile/Hand-held devices industry. On October 21th 2010, Brogent was invited to participate in the “Windows Embedded Standard 7 Seminar " hosted by Windows Embedded and Chander Electronics Corp. Manager Chen of Brogent’s Product Development Department made the speech of "3D UI design and multimedia software solutions " which caused the audience’s deep interests at the seminar. Besides the speech, the demonstration of Brogent’s software solutions and technology and the related instructions also interested lots of audiences. Among these demonstrations, Brogent’s professional 3D UI and multimedia applications are particularly popular; various manufacturers expressed strong interests and willingness of cooperation. 





About Brogent
Brogent Technologies, Inc. is a leading software company in Taiwan, which provides software-based solutions for multimedia technologies for the Internet, telecommunication, and consumer electronics markets. As a rare software design company located in Kaohsuing City, the company has established its great reputation in multimedia content designing (3D animation, web design, CD title, game, e-learning, etc.) and innovative technology providing for device manufacturers, ISPs and end users.
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