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Brogent Collaborate with Quanta to Develop Intelligent 3D User Interface based on Windows Mobile.

October 24, 2008
Brogent Technologies, Taipei / 2008.10.24 
Brogent Technologies Inc., a leading software vendor in Taiwan supplying embedded, multimedia and the best 3D software solutions to the Mobile/Hand-held devices industry, collaborate with Quanta, the largest notebook ODM manufacturer in the world, to develop Intelligent User Interface featured in human interface technologies and attractive 3D graphical image.

A good User Interface is good to Market your product 
Based on the customized experience with ODM customers for Windows Mobile Smartphone in the years, Brogent team up with Quanta to deliver an attractive and intuitive user experience to the latest Smartphone.

The most Handy the most Attractive UI 
The UI developed for Quanta has been designed taking the concept of instinct human technologies on the strength of creative ability and 3D kernel technology instead of 2D experience; Which also significantly reduces the development time and cost associated with the compelling features to the mobile handsets.
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About Brogent 
Brogent Technologies Inc. is a leading developer of multimedia and 3D software software solutions. Based in Taiwan with distributors in China , Singapore and Pan Asia, Brogent is partnered with worldwide companies help to strengthen the core of communities. The heart of our efforts is Brogent's professional software technique and customized service.

About Quanta 
Quanta Computer is a Fortune Global 500 Company that is an industry leader in providing technology products to many of the world's most prestigious electronics companies through ODM and EMS business models. Quanta also holds the distinction as the world's largest manufacturer of notebook computers with around 30% market share worldwide.Products that the Company provides range from information, communication, networking, consumer electronics and car electronics to storage.

Founded in 1988, Quanta is headquartered in Taiwan and has major operations set up in Asia, America and Europe . The Company employs over 40,000 employees worldwide. The consolidated revenues for Quanta Computer Inc. during the last fiscal year, 2007, was US$24 billion. For further information, please visit Quanta's website at
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