Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Brogent opens i-Ride Taipei at Breeze Nanshan

January 30, 2019

Brogent Technologies Inc. has announced to launch a new flying theater, i-Ride TAIPEI, at Breeze Nanshan on January 30th, 2019. i-Ride Taipei, which is a simulator and media based attraction, will have i-Ride passengers experienced the journey in Taiwan by means of simulator technology and a film shot over a period of three years.


In order to have i-Ride passengers hit the roads off to the mountains and the beach all over Taiwan, the media production team visited many tourist attractions, including Cape Eluanbi, Sanxiantai, Mazu Pilgrimage activity at Xiluo Bridge, and The Beehives of Yenshui, etc.. The photography team even challenged Jade Mountain (Yushan) and overcome the difficulty in many ways to shoot the snow-covered peaks.


As a leading brand in flying theater industry, Brogent navigates i-Ride all over four continents in the world and more than thirty spots and theme parks. There are tens of million passengers have taken the flight of i-Ride to be aware of some fantastic places in the world.


Brogent Group CEO C.H. Ouyang said “i-Ride Taipei” integrates Brogent’s international experience and profession in flying theaters. The scent effects are expanded to six kinds along with hot wind. It is expected to have “i-Ride Taipei” to become a new landmark in Taiwan and have more people understood Taiwan through i-Ride.

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