Brogent Technologies, Inc.

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Brogent’s miRide is a real-time controllable mini 6DOF platform. The single-player simulator brings Brogent’s expertise in system integration and motion programming to the world of ESPORTS. For the first time, you can truly feel the exhilaration of every twist and turn from your game environment in an out-of-home experience! Enjoy complete game immersion with Brogent’s miRide.


Speed Racer

Looking for an old school race with a modern twist? Enter the ultimate racing competition, where you feel every single bump on the circuit. Steering your simulator around the course has never been that physically demanding before. Be prepared for the race of your life!

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  • 6DOF Motion Platform
  • Steering wheel and paddle control
  • Adjustable racing seats
  • Front view screen
  • Race status display
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Light system including race start lights
  • Control Panel for Operator
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