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"Ninja Guard" is now available on both iOS and Android platform.

August 10, 2012

Brogent’s iOS game, Ninja Guard, got much positive feedback since it was announced on the App Store. It reached the top 2 among Free iPhone Action Apps on App Store Taiwan and more than 35 thousand downloads within two weeks.

In August 2012, Ninja Guard is available to the Android “game addicts". Besides Google Play, in order to get access to the China market and extend more mobile game market share, Brogent released Ninja Guard on China Mobile “Mobile Market” as well. In this circumstance, the distribution in China will be much more all-pervasive; and accordingly Ninja Guard is able to penetrate the China mobile game market much more efficiently and rapidly. Also, Ninja Guard is specially tailored the “In-App Purchase” (IAP) feature to the trend in China Market, which greatly attracts players, and, the most importantly, even brings a large amount of profit for us.


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