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AR Battle Experience arrives in Taiwan: Brogent “HADO Heroes” coming for Chinese New Year!

January 26, 2017

Brogent introduces“Hado Hereos” to Taiwan. This winter holiday AR battle experiences will open at Kaohsiung Dream Mall and Miaoli Shangshun World so that everyone in Taiwan gets to experience a brand new one-of-a-kind AR experience!

“Hado Heroes”allows players to battle virtual monsters in a real environment while wearing lightweight headsets. Other than pure VR solutions, the “Hado Heroes” AR game allows participants to play different games together and see each other. The game combines the latest technology with creative hands-on game fun. It is a very unique experience that Taiwanese can only enjoy with “Hado Heroes”.

Brogent Global, a subsidiary of Brogent Technologies, is the initiator of the “i-Fun Hub”experience brand. “i-Fun Hub” is based on a concept that combines easy-to-upgrade cutting edge technologies and different IPs to create state-of-the-art experiences for everyone. They are convinced their newest project “Hado Heroes” is a step ahead of Virtual Reality. The game fits all the latest trends: Players are part of a team battle that combines the virtual and the real world using “Augmented Reality” technology. A large onsite screen allows the by-standing visitors to follow the multi-player battle.

Since the advent of “Pokémon Go™”last year and its big success all around the world AR technology is getting more and more popular in the entertainment sector. Brogent is exploring this field as well, integrating this new technology in different locations, to bring visitors experiences that go beyond the more common VR. A lot is planned for the future and those new applications will be even more appealing to a broader range of audience. “Hado Heros” will make the heads down tribe forget looking at their cell phones! It will start a new trend of AR fighting!

“Hado Heroes” AR Battle can be experienced from January 28 to February 28 2017 at two locations in Taiwan: Kaohsung Dream Mall (9F) and Miaoli Shangshun World (4F). You are all welcome to prepare for the battle! Do not miss it!



Movie introduction:

Campaign schedule: January 28 to February 28 (ticket sales onsite)
Location: Kaohsiung Dream Mall 9F, Miaoli Shangshun World 4F


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