Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Brogent’s new Chairman of the Board focuses on innovation in the immersive technology era

May 28, 2020

Brogent Technologies Inc. announced that its 2019 annual revenue reached NT$2.08 billion, which is an increase of 27.1% compared with 2018. The Board of Directors declared a cash dividend of NT$5.6 per share on May 28th 2020. Net profit after tax was NT$367 million and EPS was NT$6.57 which gained 42.5% from 2018.


The seventh re-election of Brogent’s directors was held during the same day as the shareholders’ meeting. The shareholders voted for four inside directors listed as the following: Mr. C.H. Ouyang, Mr. C.Q. Chen, Mr. J.H. Huang, and Mr. J.H. Cheng. As for outside directors, Mr. M.X. Lee, Mr. Z.P. Liu, and Mr. R.Q. Chiu were elected in the meeting. The new directors immediately held an interim board meeting to elect the seventh chairman of the board. During the meeting, Mr. C.H. Ouyang, which was nominated by the former chairman Mr. Z.Q. Chen and approved by all directors, was elected as the Chairman of the Board.


According to Brogent Group Chairman & CEO C.H. Ouyang, the company’s revenue has grown over 12 times in the past decade. Its flying theater products, i-Ride and m-Ride, have become the standard in the worldwide market. For the next 10 years, Brogent’s strategic goals are to increase the number of high-end customers, expand its market share relating to its mini-simulators, and increase income from content licensing and design.


Brogent has established solid relationships with many companies worldwide such as LEGOLAND, Dreamworld in Australia, Europa-Park in Germany, and Fuji-Q Highland in Japan over the years. Recently, Brogent signed a priority sales contract with Sansei Technologies, Inc. forming a strategic partnership to focus on the high-end amusement park market.


Furthermore, increasing market share for its personalized mini-simulators is a goal because small amusement equipment is easier to distribute to a large number of locations. With an increase in mini-simulators in the market, there is also an increase in the desire for content licensing. Currently, Brogent has successfully created fully immersive e-sports, racing, and flight simulation platforms as well as personalized VR cinemas. In the future, Brogent will develop manufacturing and content alliances to aid expansion.


Brogent’s efforts to enter the content licensing market have proven successful with it accounting for approximately 16% of total revenue in 2019. The company will continue to promote the idea of a turnkey solution for its customers, providing the hardware for the amusement equipment, the content, the site design, and operation to increase royalty income.



In response to technological advancements and environmental changes, Chairman C.H. Ouyang sees that the application of immersive technology will be even more far-reaching in the future. Among them is the development of 5G technology and its application to both everyday life and the amusement industry. This advancement will continue to drive people’s desire for entertainment activities. Although the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has had an unprecedented impact on the amusement park industry, humans’ longing for happiness and adventure will not disappear. Therefore, the theme park and entertainment market is still promising in the long run. Brogent will continue to master the technology of immersive technology and pursue opportunities for cooperation.   

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