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Brogent Provides the Mobile Camera Suite for MS Windows Mobile-based devices.

May 16, 2004
May 16, 2004 – Brogent releases the powerful Mobile Camera Suite for MS Windows Mobile-based device use. 
Mobile Camera Suite now enables handheld device with a built-in camera to capture image and record video with fast and high compression quality. The kernel is featured with Brogent’s superior video codecs, MPEG-4 and H.263. The maximum encoding frame rate can achieve 30+ frames per second (measured on Intel series). 

This total software-based application will significantly reduce the development time and costs for handhelds manufacturers according to its easy implement feature. In addition, the key advantage of less CPU load enhances any product using the Mobile Camera Suite to become the most performing and competitive one than others. A comprehensive software development kit (SDK) and implementation support of Mobile Camera Suite is now available.


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About Brogent
Brogent Technologies, Inc. is a leading software company in Taiwan, which provides software-based solutions for multimedia technologies for the Internet, telecommunication, and consumer electronics markets. As a rare software design company located in Kaohsuing City, the company has established its great reputation in multimedia content designing (3D animation, web design, CD title, game, e-learning, etc.) and innovative technology providing for device manufacturers, ISPs and end users.
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