Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Brogent and iWOW Singapore sign MOU for Multimedia Codecs.

October 20, 2006
【Brogent Technologies, Taipei / 2006.10.2】 
Brogent Technologies Inc., today announced that it has signed MOU with iWOW Singapore , will provide the Audio Library for Feature Phone based on TI LoCosto platform. 

iWOW is a global technology company that specializes in delivering wireless communications solutions mainly in GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G technologies. iWOW has two core business entities with key focus on the Machine-To-Machine (M 2M ) and Mobile Phone markets respectively.


About Brogent
Brogent Technologies, Inc. is a leading software company in Taiwan, which provides software-based solutions for multimedia technologies for the Internet, telecommunication, and consumer electronics markets. As a rare software design company located in Kaohsuing City, the company has established its great reputation in multimedia content designing (3D animation, web design, CD title, game, e-learning, etc.) and innovative technology providing for device manufacturers, ISPs and end users.

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