Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Brogent forms an alliance with Sansei Technologies, Inc. to focus on high-end amusement park market

May 15, 2020

Brogent Technologies Inc. signed a priority sales contract with Sansei Technologies, Inc. forming a strategic partnership.


According to Sansei Technologies, demand for Brogent’s flying theaters has grown rapidly worldwide in recent years, and its other products such as m-Ride, Q-Ride, v-Ride360, and t-Ride also have huge market potential. In 2018, Brogent successfully introduced the new brand hexaRide at DiverCity Plaza in Odaiba, Tokyo. With well-known IPs such as "Ghost in the Shell" and "Attack on Titan" playing in hexaRide, fans can have an immersive experience through the 12-seat VR ride. Moving forward, Sansei Technologies will use its operating channels in Japan to promote Brogent’s equipment in its market. In addition to theme parks, the company will develop other markets such as resorts, educational facilities, and eSports/gaming locations.


Sansei Technologies, which was founded in 1951, specializes in the manufacturing of amusement rides, stage equipment, and elevators. Sansei Technologies has a significant market share in the world's high-end amusement park market. Its subsidiaries include Telmic, American company S&S Worldwide, and the Dutch company Vekoma.


Brogent has been developing business in the Japanese market for several years now and has established a solid relationship with many companies such as Kodansha and Dentsu Inc. This new partnership with Sansei Technologies will provide Brogent with access to the high-end amusement park market in Japan.

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