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The world's first Metaverse experience venue, ANIVERSE, now for Keelung citizens to check it out

News ArchivesDecember 17, 2022
The world's first Metaverse experience venue, ANIVERSE KEELUNG, was launched by Keelung Mayor Youchang Lin and Chih-Hung Ouyang, Chairman of Brogent Group, at a press conference on December 17 at the former Keelung Train Station to kick off the "Keelung Glow" light show, a new landmark in Keelung. 
The highlight of the event, "Keelung Glow," is a dazzling light show in which bright lights symbolizing the future and gentle waves in the harbor gradually light up the square in front of the old Keelung Railway Station. The climax of the show appears above the ANIVERSE KEELUNG, lighting up the night sky of Keelung with technological beams, bring new technology and energy into the city, which is adjacent to the mountains, the sea, the city and the harbor, and becoming the new starting point for the future. Also, the master of ANIVERSE KEELUNG shows up at the press conference, it is a brown shorthair cat from the multiverse. It is expected to arrive in Keelung in 2023, when it will appear on the largest curved LED 3D display screen in Taiwan, and it is definitely the most attractive spot for cat lovers in Taiwan.

With the support of the Keelung City Government, the world's first metaverse experience venue was built next to Keelung Gate Plaza. Brogent Group is currently the world's leading supplier of the flying theater, which has nearly 90% of the world's market share, and its partners include LEGOLAND, Dreamworld, the largest amusement park in Australia, and Europa-Park, the largest amusement park in Germany. With the energy accumulated from many years of experience in the industry, ANIVERSE KEELUNG will become a brand new site for advanced technology, tourism and entertainment for the city.

ANIVERSE KEELUNG, combining the words Any and Metaverse, symbolizes an arbitrary door that breaks the boundary between the real and the virtual and is free to transfer through multiple universes. Located on the site of the old Keelung Railway Station, it has been transformed from the city's transportation hub to an important futuristic experience venue. As people enter the high-ceilinged lobby space, they will be greeted by the eye-catching, steam-punk style "Delta Airship." Audiences stop at the huge airbag that carries hope, and start the journey from the special effects of flame lights, and then will go up to 3,000 meters to look down on the world's beautiful scenery, just like soaring in the skyline of the world's major scenic spots; the much-anticipated "Alfa cabin," players will create a fantasy adventure with the world classic "The Little Prince" after putting on 3D goggles. There are also a lot of special facilities such as the Epsom Line and Ramada Raceway in the park that are patented, so that both children and adults can be surprised and enjoy the venue. ANIVERSE KEELUNG is now open to Keelung citizens for initial testing, please follow the official fan page on Facebook for more information.
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