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Social Responsibility

Promoting Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health Management
Brogent's occupational safety and health management covers the entire body of employees and contractors. Brogent has also incorporated occupational safety and health into the Company's sustainable development strategies, which include safety and hygiene policies, organization, system planning and implementation; emphasis on management systems such as risk management, procurement management, change management and contractor management. That is to say, that we manage and control safety risks in process, materials, equipment and operations from the source. We have also revised our management guidelines such as the “Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan” and “Occupational Safety and Health Work Rules” in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of the Ministry of Labor and require all of our employees and contractors to comply to these regulations in order to promote the implementation of operations related to occupational safety and health. We also continually improve our occupational safety and health management and our performance on safety and health in order to meet the Company's current operational needs and effectively reduce hazards and risks in the workplace so as to strengthen business performance and competitiveness.

The General Affairs Dept. of the Company's Administration Center is responsible for the occupational safety operations of the Company. It identifies hazards (including chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic hazards) in the Company's work environment from time to time and conducts risk assessments (including the necessary environmental inspection and biological detection) to implement management of potential risks (including source management, path management, administration, and health management).

Occupational Safety and Health Committee
Brogent has established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This Committee comprises a total of 10 members: the President, executives of each department and the General Affairs Dept., and employee representatives. A total of 4 committee members are employee (or labor) representatives, making up 40% of the Committee. Occupational safety was supervised by the General Affairs Dept. Along with the establishment of the phase three buildings and our Ciaotou Science and Technology Park facility, occupational safety operations were assigned to dedicated personnel in October 2022.

The Occupational Safety and Health Committee is in charge of formulating and refining occupational safety policies. The Committee calls quarterly meetings where the responsible unit of occupational safety reports on recent legal awareness campaigns and reviews of occupational safety operations, and attending executives and labor representatives discuss the reported issues, list necessary items for implementation or improvement as pending issues for follow-up. The Committee convened 4 meetings in 2022 and its major decisions on health and safety included onsite healthcare services, onsite pandemic prevention management of contractors, continuous management of internal and external environmental sanitation of offices, establishment of traffic regulations in the area, and the movement of people and vehicles when employees arrive at or leave work, warehouse and R&D project site applications and electricity consumption management, and safety and health management requirements for contractors. It has made announcements to all employees.

Occupational safety training
In order to achieve the goal of “Zero-Accident Workplace,” Brogent continually implements education and training on occupational safety and health for all employees and implements education and training on occupational safety and health management and notification of hazards in the workplace for contractors. In 2022, no incidents of occupational injuries or diseases occurred. There were no violations of the Labor Standards Act or Occupational Safety and Health Act that resulted in penalties, either.

Health Promotion
As Brogent is an IT company, most employees sit in front of a computer and work for long hours. We therefore organize health activities and spiritual health seminars to improve employees' physical and mental health as well as adopt preventive measures for potential risks to workplace health.

In terms of hazardous risks in the workplace, the Company actively reviews and improves the work environment to eliminate risk factors in the environment. In terms of employees' health promotion, the Company organizes employee health examinations in accordance with regulations and appoints onsite healthcare professionals to provide services. For employees with high health risks, we actively provide consultation and recommendations and follow up on their progress. We also organize mental and spiritual health seminars and fitness contests from time to time to increase employees' health.

1.Onsite Medical Service
The Company has entered into a contract with Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KVGH) for on-site health care services. Depending on the number of insured persons and the level of the industry, KVGH will dispatch three times a month (each time for two hours) a nurse practitioner with an occupational medicine license and three times a year a doctor with an occupational medicine license to perform on-site health services.

2.Health Promoting Activities
Brogent uses governmental subsidies and the Company's existing resources including spaces (auditorium, air bridge fitness area, rooftop garden, etc.), facilities (aerobic training equipment, weight training equipment, and stress relief equipment), budget subsidies and software support (online conference software for live broadcast and interactions). We also organize activities to promote employee health. The employee participation status was as follows:

3.Occupational Disease Prevention Management
The Company reviewed the workplace environment and work procedures and analyzed five major hazard factors including chemical, physical, ergonomic, biological, and social (psychological) hazards for potential causes of occupational diseases and identified risks to ensure early detection and rapid implementation of preventive measures. The onsite healthcare team of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital helps the Company identify risks of occupational diseases, propose prevention recommendations, and follow up on the effectiveness of improvements.

4.Regular Employee Health Check-ups
Brogent fully subsidizes employees' health checkup once every two years, and arranges doctors to come to the company after the health checkup for free consultation to help employees understand and track the results of the health checkup. The onsite healthcare personnel who work with the Company also analyze abnormal results in employee health examinations and actively provide consultation and recommendations for improvement.

2022 Brogent Sports Activities Series, Building an Active and Athletic Enterprise
The Company is dedicated to taking care of employees and in turn improve productivity. The Company applied for Subsidies for Enterprises Hiring Sports Trainers in 2022 and obtained subsidies after passing the review. Therefore, the Company managed to provide various employee welfare and activities so that employees can feel the Company's considerations in a refreshing way.