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Social Responsibility

Salary and Benefits

Brogent considers employees to be our most important asset. We strive to provide our employees with a competitive compensation and benefits package. This package protects their rights to participate in labor and health insurance, as well as contribute to their labor pension.

Our performance management system combines the objectives of our operational performance and employees' personal performance. We review employees' performance to provide them with the opportunity for promotions or other incentives. They are placed in their ideal positions to create a happy learning environment and enhance their development.

Equal and Competitive Salaries
Brogent still adjusted employees' salaries in 2022 despite the impact of COVID-19, in order to attract and retain exceptional talent and maintain its competitiveness in the market.

The average wage of entry-level employees at Brogent was approximately 1.41x the minimum wage in Taiwan in 2022. The increase in the highest paid employee was 1.04x the median of the increase in average wage of other employees in the organization (excluding the highest paid employee) Note 1.

Brogent respects equality and provides equal pay for equal work. Year-end bonuses are based on performance, and employees do not receive different pay due to their gender. Brogent provides reasonable wages with future potential.

The annual salary of the highest paid employee is 4.28x Note 2 the median annual salary of other employees in the organization (excluding the highest paid employee). The ratio of pay to male and female employees was slightly different in 2022 due to the majority of technical personnel being male and different academic backgrounds and work experience, resulting in the average salary of male employees being slightly higher than female employees.

Note 1: The ratio of the increase in annual salary of the highest paid employee to the median increase in annual salary of other employees in the organization (excluding the highest paid employee) is based on the salaries of full-time employees in non-managerial positions in 2022 & 2021, and is calculated using the formula “Increase in annual salary of the highest paid employee÷ Median increase in annual salary of all employees (excluding the highest paid employee).”

Note 2: The ratio of the annual salary of the highest paid employee to the median annual salary of other employees in the organization (excluding the highest paid employee) is based on the salaries of full-time employees in non-managerial positions in 2022, and is calculated using the formula “Annual salary of the highest paid employee ÷ Median annual salary of all employees (excluding the highest paid employee).”

Benefits and Flexible Systems
Brogent has made a commitment to provide a variety of flexible employee benefits, including insurance, bonuses, training, leisure, and convenient benefits, covering food, clothing, accommodations, transportation, education, and entertainment, allowing employees to pursue work-life balance. The Marriage, Funeral, Hospitalization, and Emergency Aid Management Regulations provides employees with necessary assistance and care in the event of an emergency.

Employees provide feedback and express their needs through various communication channels, including the Employee Welfare Committee and labor-management meetings. Brogent listens to employees' voices and takes them into consideration when planning and adjusting annual employee welfare activities and subsidies. In the future, we will continue to provide a variety of benefits to create a friendly workplace for employees' physical and mental health, and will provide different groups with related employee assistance programs (EAPs) to more comprehensively care for employees.

1.Comfortable Working Environment
As a dynamic and innovative technology company, Brogent offers a spacious and comfortable working environment. For example, there is a recreation center installed with fitness and weight equipment, blood pressure monitors, scales, massage chairs, and a foosball table.

2.Insurance and Protection
  • In compliance with the law, new employees are signed up for labor insurance and national health insurance on their first day of work.
  • Brogent provides group insurance, health insurance, and medical expense insurance claims for hospitalization and accident to employees; family members of employees may join the employer's liability insurance program at their own expense.
  • Employees who have an accident when on duty can make relevant insurance claims. Brogent ensures that all employees are fully protected. International business travel insurance.
  • Insurance claims available for unexpected emergency when on business trips abroad, along with unlimited abroad emergency relief.
  • Brogent purchased vaccination insurance for employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

3.Services and Facilities
  • Flexible working hours and free coffee, snacks, and postal services every day.
  • Employee parking spaces for cars and scooters, lactation rooms, unisex toilets.
  • Microwaves and fridges are placed on each floor.
  • We provide employees with the option for remote work and they may file application based on their personal needs.
  • In compliance with government policy, Brogent has made effort to help employees in need apply for parental leave, supporting them during this important stage of their life.

4.Employees Encouraged to Form Clubs
  • Subsidies for all kinds of club activities. A club may be formed with a minimum of 10 members. Subsidize partial registration fee for participation in an external competition.

5.Physical and Mental Health Promotion
  • Animal companionship for employees
  • Onsite medical consultation
  • Sports course
  • Brogent Family Day

6.Reliable Retirement Program
The retirement pension plan Brogent has for its employees include benefits stated in Taiwan's “Labor Standards Act” and the appropriate plan stated in the “Labor Pension Act”. At the same time, an “Employee Stock Ownership Trust” is open for participation by all employees so that employees are covered by a comprehensive benefit policy with the aim of retaining talents and taking care of employees' financial needs upon their retirement.

Employees' pension is calculated and paid based on their number of years of service and their regular average salary of the 6 months prior to their retirement. Brogent complies with the “Labor Pension Act” formulated by the government and makes monthly contributions equal to 6% of each employee's monthly salary and deposits the amounts in employees' labor pension accounts in the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The contributions are recognized as expenses of the current period. The contributions are managed by the Brogent Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee. The balance of the pension reserve funds is not reflected under assets in the Company's financial statements.

As of May 10, 2021 and December 31, 2020, the balances of the pension funds were NT$3,610,000 and NT$2,421,000, respectively. The Company also completed the settlement of employees' number of years of service in the old system and canceled the pension account under the old pension system on May 11, 2021. The Company currently has no employee under the old pension system.

Employee-oriented Company
Brogent upholds the belief that employees are assets of an enterprise. With “people” as a core philosophy, we provide employees with an inspiring mission and vision as well as allow them to feel the value of their work. We have created a happy, friendly, safe, and healthy working environment. The Human Resource Policy for talent selection, cultivation, employment, and retention has created an atmosphere of learning and development to support employees' self-improvement, put the right person in the right position, and make the most of Brogent employees for growth with the Company. The employee participation survey in 2022 showed an average score of 3.9 out of 5 with the participation by 79% of all employees.

Participation by all Employees
Senior employee recognition
Publicly praise employees who have completed 5, 10, and 15 years of service in year-end parties and award them with badges and memorial coins to thank them for their long-term contribution to the Company.

Bo-le award selection
To encourage employees to achieve the objectives of the Company through teamwork and growth, and generate positive influence and growth for the Company, Brogent organizes an annual “Bo-le Award” selection for outstanding teams. The winning teams are publicly commended and awarded with prize money at the year-end party.

Improvement proposal
Brogent encourages employees to actively participate in the promotion of company business and improvement of operating procedures, while taking initiatives in proposing innovative ideas or concrete suggestions to optimize company management and improve operational performance and competitiveness. Outstanding proposals will be publicly commended every quarter and prize money will be given to the proposal makers after review.

Model employee
Each year, Brogent recommends outstanding employees to participate in the selection of model employees so that they can obtain extra points for their personal career records.

Employees are shareholders
Brogent organized the “Employee Stock Ownership Trust” in 2021. With 100% subsidies matched by the Company, the Trust offers employees an attractive fixed-term and fixed-amount deposit plan. Brogent allows all employees to freely participate in the program. All employees that passed the three-month probation period are eligible and the employee participation rate as of the end of 2022 was 96%.

Labor Communication
Brogent actively manages its labor relations and conducts labor communication through diverse and smooth channels to ensure harmony between management and workers and smooth communication. Although Brogent has neither established a labor union nor signed a collective bargaining agreement, it calls labor-management meetings in accordance with provisions of the Regulations for Implementing Labor-Management Meeting as well as organizes meetings to educate employees on relevant regulations and convey terms related to work and employees' interests. Brogent has established smooth and effective employee complaint mechanisms to ensure a fair and transparent complaint process. Brogent also actively handles and responds to employee complaints. In the past 5 years, Brogent has not received any employee complaint.

Brogent has established a Welfare Committee in charge of actively initiating communication and taking care of employee needs. Brogent also provides employees with diverse options of welfare. In addition to the institutional investor conferences held twice a year to explain to investors, employees and the general public on the operational status of the company, Brogent also organizes quarterly “labor-management meetings” to explain to employees on the operational status of the company as well as extraordinary meetings for prompt communication when necessary. In the event where the employment of certain employees is to be terminated due to major operational changes, prior notice will be given for the termination in accordance with the governing legal regulations for the respective business office.