Brogent Technologies, Inc. – Flying Theatre Manufacturer

ESG Policy and ESG Procedure

Letter from the Chairman

As the world lifted COVID restrictions, tourists returned to the international travel and entertainment market. We expect to see a new phase of growth in the next few years.

Innovation is a part of Brogent's DNA. We encourage employees to actively discover innovation and improvement opportunities in the Company's products, routine operations, and work environment through employee improvement proposal meetings and R&D innovation meetings, which improve the Company's overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, a friendly office environment, such as raised office spaces, gym with an ocean view, and pet employees inspire creativity. Last year, the R&D team developed flying theater using less steel while meeting the criteria for safety certification. Equipment design was updated from hydraulic power to electric power, lowering energy consumption and pollution to achieve a production method with the lowest energy consumption and wastage, paying attention to environmental and energy sustainability while bringing joy.

In the future, amusement rides in theme parks around the world will be replaced from mechanical equipment to more immersive and interactive multimedia systems. Brogent utilizes its leadership in the development of immersive simulation technology, and combines 5G and AI technologies to work with domestic companies in developing simulator rides, such as i-Ride, v-Ride, t-Ride, m-Ride, Digital Aquarium, F1 racing, and F18 experience, which change the way people experience things through technology. The rides are educational and entertaining, and create wonderful and spectacular memories.

Brogent has dedicated years of effort to cultivating talent in the simulation technology industry, and has provided internal and external courses on professional skills, information security, and physical and mental health within the complete career planning for talent. Experience and skills are passed down through the sharing of observations and experience in theme park related industries, cultivating interdisciplinary talent for applications while driving the sustainable development of Taiwan's simulation technology industry.

Brogent hopes to make wonderful things more accessible through immersive simulation equipment, and combines educational meaning with history and culture, such as i-Ride flying theater combined with animations of the painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” to bring “Flying Along the River During the Qingming Festival,” the flying theaters overseas “RiseNY” and “This is Holland,” which create a wonderful experience for travelers around the world to understand local culture, increasing their desire to explore the country and region. This promotes tourism and culture and create a positive impact on society.

Going forward, Brogent will continue to create joyful experiences based on the philosophy of doing good. As the only amusement ride company in Asia to pass all safety certifications, we insist on designing and developing products exceeding safety standards. We are optimistic about the development of the amusement rides industry, and will continue to create a positive cycle through immersive simulation equipment that is both educational and entertaining, continuing to bring joy to the world through technology based on the philosophy that “Fun is Our Business.”