Brogent Technologies, Inc. – Flying Theatre Manufacturer

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Protection

Based on climate change and the impact that humans have had on earth, the company should implement corporate green responsibilities and pay attention to the rights and interests of all stakeholders. Further, the company should incorporate a corporate sustainable management strategy into corporate management and operational behavior. In order to fulfill our corporate green responsibilities, we shall devote ourselves to implementing environmental protection management measures and energy conservation policies, and to providing the appropriate resources for doing so.

Water Resource Management
Most of the water resources consumed by Brogent are from general office water usage, and we do not have a large impact on water resources. In order to promote the more effective use of water resources, we have established measures for managing water use, such as by using certified water-saving taps, urinals, and toilet bowls. We have also implemented a rainwater collection system that uses recycled rainwater to water plants, allowing us to make the most out of our water resources.

Waste Management
Brogent is registered as a company in the creative industry, and our main business operations involve the creation of immersive simulation amusement rides. The manufacturing process for many of these products and pieces of equipment require partnered suppliers to manufacture and ship products to Brogent, where we conduct pre-assembly testing before shipping the final products to customers for testing after installation and product acceptance. Thus, the waste materials produced by the Company at our business locations (including at our Kaohsiung headquarters, Taoyuan facility, and Taipei office) are all general office waste, which we have hired qualified service providers (Tidies Environmental Service Corp, Ming Xuan Environmental Engineering Limited) to dispose of for us. In 2022, we produced 13.20 tons of waster materials, and disposed of 9.84 tons of this waste. In line with government policy, we have installed rubbish bins for both general and recyclable waste at garbage collection spots on each building floor. By having our employees and cleaning staff sort and recycle waste, we were able to recycle 3.36 tons of waste, and have contacted environmental protection agencies (such as the Tzu Chi Foundation) to process and recycle this waste, putting these materials to use in social relief efforts.

Green Buildings
The Brogent's R&D Testing and Experience Center is certified as a green building. On November 25, 2021, the “Taiwan Architecture & Building Center”, the organization which also originally certified our Center as a green building, conducted an on-site audit of the Center and extended its green building certification for a further five years until December 16, 2026, after confirming that the current conditions at the building meet original design specifications. In line with the government's green energy policies, we are evaluating the possibility of installing rooftop solar panels onto our Taoyuan facility, our phase three buildings at the Kaohsiung Software Park, and our facility under development at the Ciaotou Science and Technology Park.

Brogent's R&D Testing and Experience Center received Green Building EEWH-BC Certification