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Social Responsibility

Social Impact and Inputs in Charity

The purpose of Brogent is to “create joy, realize dreams, benefit mankind, and create future possibilities,” provide technology education and fun, and constantly use immersive simulation technology to create different experiences that will bring people closer together. Brogent hopes to bring pleasant and surprising moments to society through technology, increase exchanges and interactions with users, bring people closer with touching experiences, and create a more vibrant future.

In the light of this, Brogent provides its leading 5D immersive simulation technology for the underprivileged, technology and environmental education, and humanities and social sciences combined with its core business. We invited charities, underprivileged groups, and elderly people to experience the joy of flying, soaring through breathtaking natural landscape and urban roads, reacquainting them with Taiwan from a new perspective. In 2022, Brogent donated NT$134,320 to Boyo Social Welfare Foundation and Hondao Senior Citizens Welfare Foundation for organizing camps and providing leisure and entertainment to improve physical and mental health.

Furthermore, Brogent starts within its scope of operations to support local development and environmental protection, or utilizes its core competencies to develop and participate in projects that benefit society. We integrate resources and actively participate in seminars of government agencies and associations, or assist in events and provide an exchange platform for development trends and specialized skills. We have also been invited to charity events in different fields to share industry-related knowledge.

The mini pilot event plants seeds of immersive simulation technology in children's hearts
We have organized a summer camp for children of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation every summer since 2016. Professional pilots or instructors tailored an exclusive flight experience course that not only teaches the basis of aircrafts and flight, but also lets participates complete a complete voyage on a flight simulator. The summer camp helps children develop their thinking and communication abilities and learn to be a team player. i-Ride flying theater summer camp has become one of the most popular events among both adults and children!

Flying theater has become a venue for civil diplomacy and receiving foreign delegations
i-Ride flying theater's feature film of the year “Discover Taiwan” features Taiwan's abundance of landscapes and festivals. Foreign delegations gain an in-depth understanding of Taiwan's cultural landscape, local features, and industrial development through the film, which facilitates cooperation between domestic and overseas industries or strengthens relationships with friendly countries in many fields.

Supporting environmental conservation from own operations
We participated in the Taiwan Power Company's “high voltage demand” new time and electricity price event between March and December 2022. In the past, the peak load time window was in the afternoon. As renewable energy generation significantly increased, solar power rapidly decreased after sunset, and the net negative load gradually formed a duck curve. Hence, Taiwan Power Company adjusted the electricity price of time slots on a trial basis to change electricity consumption behavior, and we shifted peak consumption to night time. This saved NT$146,945.3 in electricity expenses and effectively reduced carbon emissions from electricity generation, achieving environmental protection.

The digital museum project promotes environmental education through entertainment
In response to the international trend of conservation, we developed a “Digital Aquarium” mainly using VR technology, and also used realistic digital content to show what it is like deep in the ocean. This significantly reduced the percentage of physical tanks and reduced the damage and inhumane treatment of the environment and marine life, while achieving education through entertainment.

“i OCEAN”, which is a cyber-physical integration aquarium and marine biology rehabilitation base that combines marine biology with digital simulation technology, was delivered in 2022.

Participating in Vision Get Wild to jointly drive technological development and innovation in Kaohsiung
Brogent displayed a series of metaverse experience rides equipped with immersive simulation technology and new technologies during “Vision Get Wild” in Kaohsiung in 2022. The F1 racing simulator was displayed for the first time, and combines the appearance of a F1 racecar with Brogent's six-axis immersive simulation platform and the currently most popular racing simulation game Assetto Corsa, allowing players to transform into F1 drivers and experience the exhilarating speed, turns, and acceleration of a race track. The racing simulation container that starts by pressing a single button allows the racing simulation experience to start at any time. It is equipped with 5G technology to allow participation in races through remote connections.

Local supply, cooperation, and employment
Brogent actively cooperates with local suppliers in Taiwan, and further drives suppliers to cultivate students through industry-academia collaboration, so that they will enter engineering industries.