i OCEAN, a digital interactive aquarium, built by the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology officially opened on 2022/3/25.
i OCEAN is the first aquarium that combines marine life with virtual-real integration technology in the Taipei Metropolitan Area. It is also Brogent’s first new digital aquarium experience that comes with physical water tanks, interactive experience, virtual reality, as well as immersive simulation technology, and this offers a brand new way for the public to enter the ocean Metaverse where the imagination becomes the reality.
The experiences include:
  • The reception area Originate of Marine: a high-resolution digital content live broadcasting through 5G that presents the beauty of the ocean.
  • Creative Aquarium Painting Ocean: an interactive wall in which children can turn their imagination of the ocean into a vivid drawing to project and interact.
  • In Adventure on Sea: includes three distinctive areas, where people can interact with adorable seals through gesture recognition interaction technology
  • N-Dimensioneer: visitors embark on an underwater expedition to travel by sitting on an immersive personal ride and wearing VR goggles.
  • VR Ocean Defender: through periscope-shaped VR goggles, players can target marine debris and dispose of them to get scores to save marine life.