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New York, Paris, London, Taipei.
Take a Balloon ride around the world!

See the world from a different angle!

The basket is gently swinging in the air,
while riders are enjoying stunning views of the world’s most famous landmarks and the balloon is crossing blue oceans and green grasslands.

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Seamless 360 Degree Panorama

v-Ride 360 is the perfect technology to simulate a classical hot air balloon ride by wrapping a 360 degree cylindrical screen around a circular motion base. But beware!
Headwinds are getting stronger and it starts to rain. Lightning strikes in the distance and we can already hear the thunder.

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v-Ride360 Characteristic

  • Cylindrical 360 degree screen
  • Immersive set design
  • 3 Degrees of Freedom (3DOF)
  • More than only one Experience
  • 4D Effects
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