Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Flying theaters built by Brogent are opening one after another worldwide

May 27, 2021

Flying theaters built by Brogent Technologies are now opening one after another around the world. The Master of Flight ride created by Brogent officially opened at the LEGOLAND® California Resort in California on May 27th. The UK’s first flying theater will also be opening at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort this Saturday (May 29th) with a whole new theme called Flight of the Sky Lion where visitors go on a marvelous flying adventure with the mysterious and beautiful Sky Lion.


With the recovery of the tourism market around the world, Brogent has completed and opened flying theaters and immersive rides in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Denmark, the US, and the UK since this April. For example, the immersive motion theater “Aladdin’s Grand Palace Tour” officially opens in the largest theme park in Vietnam, VinWonders Phu Quoc, in late April. During the ride, the magic carpet takes tourists on an exciting adventure immersed in the story of Aladdin. Another example is Central Asia’s first flying theater, which recently opened in Kazakhstan’s ancient city, Turkestan. Visitors will turn into travelers of the Silk Road in the medieval period and fly through the historical myths of Kazakhstan. Moreover, the second flying theater in Tokyo had its grand opening last Wednesday (May 19th). This flying theater is located at a large theme park in the suburbs of Tokyo, featuring IP from Japan’s most famous monster movie. The last examples are the LEGOLAND® series in the US and Europe that have opened in late May. They include the first flying theater in northern Europe that opened last week in LEGOLAND® Billund Resort in Denmark. In addition, the flying theater in LEGOLAND® California Resort opened today (May 27th) and another one will open in LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort this Saturday (May 29th).


According to Brogent, some projects were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Thus, there will be approximately 20 flying theaters and immersive rides completed this year. Furthermore, theme parks around the world are now reopening successively and guests are expecting brand new thrilling amusement rides. In order to respond to a plethora of requests from customers recently, Brogent’s R&D team has been putting a lot of resources into product research and design and building more diversified immersive technology rides. This includes Brogent’s latest 8K LED dome screen for its flying theater, which will bring screen brightness up more than ten times and 8K ultra-high definition. This will provide a clearer, deeper, more immersive high-end entertainment experience. This product received overseas orders during the end of last year. Personalized racing simulators have also become a popular product and our most recent sale was to a theme park in Vietnam. This shows that Brogent’s diversified product line strategy meets the current market demand.