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Numerous sparkling 9s-Series Apps designed for tablet PCs were launched.

November 15, 2011
As iPad launched the craze for tablet PCs, Android tablet PCs even further intensify this tablet PC fervor. According to the report of Strategy Analytics, it shows that the global tablet shipment in Q3 2011 totaled 16.7 million units, about a triple growth from the 4.4 million units shipped in Q3 2010. Analyses also indicate that tablet PCs will sweep over the market these years and erode PCs’ and laptops’ market shares.
Therefore, in addition to the applications for smart phones, Brogent launched the 9s-Series applications specially designed for tablet PCs this year as well, and all of which are appreciated by users indeed.

●9s-Weather HD


In addition to providing accurate, real-time, and reliable weather information, 9s-Weather HD gets rid of the stereotype of traditional weather app UI design, and displays a unique exquisite UI to enrich your daily weather.

●9s-Video HD


With its brilliant 3D graphic design and intuitive user-friendly UI, 9s-Video HD is undoubtedly the best choice for you to enjoy the videos.





●9s-Music HD

With brilliant 3D graphic design & intuitive user-friendly UI, users can always operate 9s-Music HD. Be with 9s-Music HD, and enjoy the music right away!




●9s-Album HD

“Show off” your photos, happiness, and life!
9s-Album HD integrates several popular web photo albums that enables you not only surf and display the photos saved in your tablet PCs, but also share your photos with friends via these web photo albums easily. Moreover, no more Browser launching is needed for checking up what friends have updated to their photo albums.




●9s-PeopleStream HD


9s-PeopleStream HD, an integrated social network service app for tablet PCs, is designed for following and replying friends’ messages at anytime and anywhere. It’s also a smart assistant for you to catch up on what your friends are doing, feeling, and thinking with just ONE click.

You may go searching all Brogent’s apps at Android Market or Far EastTone S Market or downloading. To explore more information and the latest news about Brogent’s applications, please visit our Facebook, 9s-App Nice-App.