Brogent Technologies, Inc.


Why Brogent?

We believe that employees are our most valuable asset.
By building a happy and fair work environment we encourage employees to do their best.
Join our talented teams and make your dreams come true!


Human resource Policy



By using adequate selection tools, we explore talents that suit Borgent’s culture and values.



We are a learning organization, providing countless training programs that gives employees the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.



Brogent’s target is to put the right person in the right position! So that employees can develop their career with enthusiasm.



Brogent we are creating win-win situations between company and employees for everyone’s benefit and to develop talents.

Life at Brogent

Brogent cares for our employee. In order to achieve work-life balance,
we provide a variety of compensation and benefit programs.

Our employee benefits

  • * Profit Sharing Bonus
  • * Labor Insurance /Health Insurance/ Group Insurance
  • * Staff trip
  • * Holiday bonus
  • * Flextime
  • * Competitive salary
    Cash gifts for birthday,
    wedding and new babies
  • * Human-based management
  • * Open office space
  • * Leisure center
  • * Staff parking
  • * Bar counter
    (snacks and freshly ground coffee machine)
  • * Departmental networking events
  • * Employee leisure activities
    (Family Day. Employee Day)

Learning and development

According to our Management Path and Professional Path development policy, we provide numerous training courses and learning opportunities to help our employees with self-development and improving their professional skills.

Workplace happiness

We offer a comfortable workplace, fitness equipment and a leisure center to help employees achieving a balance between work and life.

Join Brogent

Brogent always looks for creative, energetic, and enthusiastic people who want to
apply their individual commitment for success to being an effective member of the Brogent team.
Please explore the description below for more information about Brogent's application process.
Join us and make our dreams come true together!

Application process

  • *

    *Job application

    Please submit your resume through 104 job searching portal.

  • *

    *Resume screening

    Your education history, work experience and certifications will be carefully reviewed. After screening, we will contact suitable candidates by phone or email to arrange an interview schedule.

  • *


    Candidates will take English tests, questionnaires and professional knowledge tests according to the respective job requirements and will be interviewed by HR staff.

  • *

    *Approval process

    After the interview we will inform adequate candidates and arrange the internal approval process.

  • *

    *Job offer

    Suitable candidates will be notified by email and a letter will sent to inform them about their on-board-date and required documents.