Brogent Technologies, Inc. – Flying Theatre Manufacturer

Social Responsibility

Human Resource Policy

Manpower Structure
Brogent is a young, dynamic, and innovative company. By the end of 2022, our total number of employees was 279 (including 3 foreign employees). Currently, we only have full-time employees, no temporary or part-time employees. Of all the employees, 176 are male (63%) and 103 are female (37%). Brogent hires local residents (Taiwan) in important sites of operations and they account for 92% of the top management.

Recruitment of new employees
In order to meet the demands of expanding markets in the future, Brogent has made advance preparations of adding operational offices in foreign countries and recruiting foreign talents and has continuously dedicated itself in corporate culture and attraction of talents. In addition to recruiting talents through job banks, Brogent also posts job vacancies on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. We also work with career centers of universities and colleges and participates in job fairs or job matchmaking activities. When a job opening becomes available, our staff will also recommend friends or relatives to apply for the job. We establish a talent pool for unsuccessful applicants, who will be contacted when a suitable job opening becomes available.

Applicants must pass a document review, professional capability assessment, and occupational and language proficiency tests. We seek outstanding talents with shared values to jointly create new possibilities at Brogent and share the success and results. In 2022, we had 52 new employees, of whom 24 were female and 28 were male.

Brogent has participated in the Vision Get Wild exhibition for many years.
We work with the organizer to recruit more outstanding digital talent design and production talents to help fuel the Company's long-term growth. When we recruit foreign/overseas employees, we comply with local labor regulations and personal data privacy protection laws. We respect human rights and do not allow any form of discrimination. We uphold the Company's core values and comply with external regulations and the Employee Code of Conduct to create a workplace environment with fair treatment and equal employment opportunities.

Talent Cultivation
Brogent understands the importance of employee cultivation and believes that employees' growth will also empower the Company's growth. Brogent uses various learning channels and resources to help employees improve their own abilities and exercise their advantages and potentials, with the vision and goal of cultivating talents across different fields in an integrative way.

Education and Training
Brogent uses diverse learning channels to cultivate talents and encourages employees to take internal and external training courses fully subsidized by the Company to improve their competitiveness in the workplace and occupational development. Aided by a dual-track development path for professional and management competencies, Brogent helps employees grow and improve their own abilities. Our training courses mainly include “management training”, “professional training”, “general training”, and “newcomer training”. We have systematically planned comprehensive training courses needed by our employees for their career development, as well as education and training courses for their lifelong learning. Total employee training hours in 2022 reached 14,185.5, or an average of 47.1 hours per person (including the subsidiary Brogent Global Inc.).

After attending external training, employees shall submit electronic files of relevant information such as training qualification documents to the human resources unit for recordkeeping. They must also upload the training results report form to the training development system. Employees shall compile the knowledge acquired in training into volumes and include them as training materials when they serve as internal trainers and organize internal training to teach other employees.

Passing Down Experiences
We also value the internal passing down of knowledge and experiences and encourage our employees to be internal trainers. In 2022, a total of 147 internal trainers taught over 540.4 hours of classes in total (including the subsidiary Brogent Global Inc.). Brogent encourages employees to pass on valuable experience and knowledge to improve the Company's overall competitiveness. We elected 10 outstanding internal trainers according to the teaching hours, and recognized their contribution in the 2022 Excellence Trainer Award Ceremony. At the same time, we also actively evaluate the possibility of turning retired employees into consultants or trainers to pass down skills and experiences so that they may become an important asset of the Company.

Performance Evaluation
To encourage our employees to pursue continuous innovation and growth, we align our employees with our organizational goals and achieve these goals through a strategic and integration-based performance management system. We have also effectively improved employee performance and achieved our operational goals.

The professional guidance provided by Brogent's senior management and their managerial efficiency are the keys to our persistence in improving the competitiveness of our products in the immersive simulation technology industry. By performing their managerial duties well, senior management can bring about stable operational performance. Therefore, we have established an internal evaluation mechanism that connects review of managers' salary to their work performance; the approval criteria consist of three aspects: financial indicators, quality and risk, and leadership and management.