Brogent Technologies, Inc. – フライングシアターメーカー



In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, Brogent is committed to implementing sustainable development strategies as the vision for Brogent and all of its suppliers (“Suppliers”). All corporate activities of Brogent are conducted within applicable local and international laws and regulations, and Brogent also actively cooperates with Suppliers to implement compliance with laws, fair competition, honest transactions, and strict business ethics to promote a sustainable supply chain for the simulation industry.

Environmental Sustainable Development
The impact of global climate change and the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more obvious, Suppliers shall work together with Brogent to implement environmental justice and fulfill the responsibility of protecting the global environment, and achieve the sustainable development goal as a civic responsibility:
  1. Suppliers shall understand and develop adaptation strategies to climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas (such as carbon dioxide), to set reduction targets and control methods, and to provide documents such as emission inventories or inventory reports when necessary in cooperation with Brogent.
  2. Suppliers commit that the equipment, materials, designs and manufacturing processes (including but not limited to samples, finished products, semi-finished products, parts, accessories, packaging materials, auxiliary materials used in the process, additives, etc.; hereinafter collectively referred to as Supplier's products) that provide to Brogent directly or indirectly, with compensation or without compensation, comply with all applicable laws, international conventions, and environmental regulations as announced or otherwise notified from time to time; If Supplier’s products include minerals, such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn) or tungsten (W), Suppliers shall track the source to ensure that the Supplier’s products do not contain any conflict minerals the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding areas.
  3. Upon the requirements of Brogent, Suppliers shall submit accurate, true, complete, and compliant test reports, certifications, and related information at all times. Brogent also has the right to conduct audits at Suppliers’ site regularly or irregularly with prior notice to the Suppliers, and Suppliers shall cooperate.

Protection of Human Rights
Whereas the United Nations has reaffirmed in the Charter the fundamental human rights, the dignity and worth of the human person and the equality of men and women as the universal values. A world in which all human beings enjoy the freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear is the symbol of the promotion of social progress and better standards of life in greater freedom.
  1. Suppliers will not discriminate against employees in hiring, job application, compensation, training opportunity, promotion, discipline, termination, or retirement based on ethnicity, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religious affiliation, political affiliation, union membership, national origin or marital status, and will promote diversity in employment and equality of opportunity and treatment.
  2. Suppliers promise that based on the social responsibility to protect the physical and mental development of children, no child labor is allowed in any circumstance. Suppliers also promise that employees’ employment, salary policies, and statutory benefits will comply with local laws and standards. Suppliers will ensure the employees’ work times and overtime are in compliance with local legal standards and the employees’ are provided with adequate rest periods and overtime pay.
  3. Suppliers shall provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment consistent with all applicable local laws and regulations and shall establish and maintain the environment and health management procedure. Suppliers shall prevent employees from occupational accidents at work and further reduce the risk factors in the working environment.
  4. Suppliers are committed to ensuring that all work is voluntary and free from any form of coercion. Employees should be free to leave work or terminate their employment with reasonable notice. There shall be no used of forced, bonded, indentured, or prison labor in the workplace. There shall be no detention or contractual forced labor of employees in the workplace, and no confiscation of employee identity cards, passports or work documents.
  5. Suppliers respect the rights of employees, who have the right to freely establish, organize, and join trade unions. Suppliers shall ensure that employees can conduct communication or labor-management meetings within the company and to express their opinions publicly. Employees will not be retaliated, discriminated against or hindered for participating in union activities.

Trade Security Management
In order to meet global trade security, Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism(C-TPAT) and freight security requirements, and to combat international terrorism and transnational criminal organizations, Suppliers shall continuously optimize and improve trade security management in accordance with AEO customs certification standards and trade security requirements, and agree to comply with the following:
  1. Suppliers shall implement the access control (for example, installation of surveillance systems and/or configuration of security guards, establishment of personnel and vehicle access management system and etc.), in order to resist and prevent unauthorized access and undeclared goods from outside, and to conduct regular internal security checks to prevent the occurrence of terrorist activities.
  2. Suppliers shall conduct the reference check on proposed employees, and establish written systems and procedures to verify existing employees regularly.
  3. Suppliers shall enhance the security control of the cargo transportation, select reliable carriers, monitor cargo transportation, and prevent theft, loss and substitution of cargo during transportation. Suppliers shall control the issuance, processing and storage of delivery documents to ensure the accuracy of the goods delivered.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Suppliers shall operate in a sustainable manner, such as considering their own financial and operating conditions. Suppliers shall also consider the impact on the social and natural environment, treat their employees, upstream and downstream suppliers, and customers well, respond to their needs, create a happy workplace, and provide employees with proper care and growth opportunities in order to provide good quality products or services to Brogent:
  1. Suppliers shall establish appropriate management systems to ensure that the products supplied comply with relevant laws and regulations and Brogent’s requirements. Suppliers shall encourage their related suppliers to adopt the same requirement, increasing the supply chain’s awareness of social responsibility, and sharing of the costs and benefits of social responsibility.
  2. Suppliers shall guarantee that the financial statements provided are true and accurate, that the solvency is within the safe or normal range, and that there are no adverse external credits.
  3. Suppliers shall be committed to fair trade and shall not participate in the market competition through concerted action or false or misleading advertising. Suppliers shall implement and fulfill their obligations ethically, honestly, and with integrity to avoid conflicts of interest arising from the personal and work of all employees.
  4. Suppliers shall have complaint channels and provide effective complaint channels, such as email or hotline, for human rights, integrity, and ethics complaint reporting system. Relevant information shall be processed in accordance with confidential documents. Ensure that the reporter is not inappropriately treated as the result of the report.